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Apprento's intelligent natural language query engine extracts the parts of your conversations and files that are important to you. By understanding the real topics, concepts, and ideas being discussed and not just keywords, Apprento actively helps you manage your work.

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Take control of your inbox and calendar

Apprento captures the actions that you had forgotten, uncovering requests, commitments and questions, and also providing possible follow-ups to make your life easier.

  • Automatically create to-do's from email content
  • Track responses to your requests
  • Magically add events to your calendar

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Better manage your files

By providing intelligent summaries and contextual insights into your documents Apprento enables you to instantly identify the topics discussed, review a timeline of interactions, and find related content.

  • Work with files wherever they are stored
  • Automatically categorize files to aid retrieval
  • Know who has interacted with your files, everywhere
  • Ensure you always have the right version

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Act on important requests

When a VIP sends you an email with a request, Apprento will make sure you don’t let it slip and will help you act on it right away.

  • Automatically create actionable to-do's from your email
  • Prioritize tasks based on urgency and VIPs
  • Schedule future responses


Easily discover similar and most active documents

Apprento monitors the interactions between contacts and files, helping you find documents based on file similarity or most often shared.

  • Find similar documents across your organization
  • Know what documents have been shared outside your company
  • Find the most active files wherever they are stored
Office 365
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Your automated personal assistant

Apprento continuously monitors your email inbox using its patented technology to extract meaning from your messages and automatically organizing and notifying you of your priorities.

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Never fail your most important contacts

The intelligence within Apprento instantly identifies you most important contacts, emails and events bringing them directly to your attention and ensuring that you most valued relationships never get overlooked.

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Become the master of your inbox

Apprento identifies critical messages, requests and appointments and automatically generates calendar invites and to-do's. Knowing what you've committed to and are waiting on ensures that you meet and exceed your contacts' expectations.

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Work smarter, not harder

Apprento's automated recommendations make the job of responding to requests ridiculously simple. Without switching apps, Apprento intelligently suggests appropriate files and attaches them to emails ready to send to the correct people.


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